Natural Black Tape-In


Add length and volume to your hair with the 20″ Natural Black Tape-In Hair Extensions. Quickly tape in a new look and style straight or with curls. 

  • Length:  20″ Double Drawn
  • Weight: 50 grams / 100 grams / 150 grams
  • Type:  Tape-In Extensions
  • Color:  Natural Black
  • Weight:  100 grams

Quickly add length and volume in a new look and style. This Natural Black Tape-In is a great way to swiftly achieve your desired look!



With Natural Black Tape-ins, you can create an amazing new hairstyle in minutes. Hair tape-ins can be colored and styled any way you desire and can bring a whole new look and attitude to your style. You can easily change your look daily with this hair and the hair will respond well to color and curl. You can straighten or flatten to get just the style you are after without worrying about overdoing it.


50, 100, 150

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